You’ll be Forever Missed, Chester


And I’ll be sorry for now that I couldn’t be around. Sometimes things refuse to go the way we planned. Oh, I’ll be sorry for now that I couldn’t be around. There will be a day that you will understand. You will understand.

It was 2:10 AM when I got home from Swabe Nights at 12 Monkeys. Yes, I can totally attest that the gig was so lit that I even lose half of my voice because I and Irene (I call her Vivian) were singing along to the band’s jam. The night was still young. I booked my Uber about 1:30 AM, sadly my phone’s battery is only 1% so might be my Uber driver canceled my booking. I can’t find the car with the given plate number so I just told Vivian to book a Uber for me. (Kind of lucky, isn’t she? She has 60% battery, she booked Grab for herself, by the way.)
Dude, I am telling you, I was sober. I’m kind of pissed because Uber charged 100 pesos when in fact it’s the first Uber Driver we booked who canceled the trip. I got myself ready for bed, then I was just tweeting, browsing, so on and so forth. Pictures coming to my Viber. Hello Vivian, thank you for the pictures, a photo opportunity with some of the band members who performed at Swabe Nights. I came to stalk Carlo of Jensen and the Flips. I burst out crying after. He retweeted TMZ’s article that Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s vocalist committed suicide.
OMG! Why Chester? Why?
Why is everything so heavy? I hope sooner or later we’ll understand why you put an end to your damn life, Chester. I thought I’ll see you live performing, singing. But that is just a mere thought now because it’s purely impossible.
Linkin Park has been a part of me since then. They became one of my jam since High School, singing my lungs out for –  In The End, Crawling, Leave Out All the Rest, Numb, Papercut, Waiting for the End, and My December. These are just some of the songs I know that I kept on my playlist. It tears me up, man.
I’m one of the happiest people on Earth when they’ve announced that they’ll be back performing. I even replay the clip dedicated for their Filipino fans for so many times. Holy guacamole! Linkin Park is back bitches!
For those people telling that some are just joining the bandwagon that they just became a fan when Chester died. Grow the hell up dude. Even our parents must have heard them for few times and was amazed by their music. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to be an avid fan since day 1 to be considered as a real fan. It’s their music that we crave for, it’s their music that we’ve enjoyed listening to for couple of years. The longevity or seniority of being a fan doesn’t have to affect much. That’s the magic of music.
It was just May 2017 when Chris Cornell from Sound Garden hanged himself too, decided to end his precious life, who happened to be Chester’s closest friend. As per news, it’s Chris’ birthday, July 20, 2017, when Chester decided to end his life too. I’m in awe for his six kids. It feels a lot hard for them knowing their daddy is dead, knowing their daddy commits suicide, instead of natural death. It will be a complete adversity.
If you’re listening to their songs, you’ll notice the sadness and depth of pain or problem in its lyrics. Perhaps, Chester experienced a deep problem for a long time. Rest in peace maaahhhboiii. You will always be remembered, your music and you, everything about you.








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